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Due to the constant rise in the fuel prices in the recent past, the use of LPG in vehicles is on the increase.  It also creates very less pollution as compared to the other fuel. Since then the LPG is used as the main fuel in vehicles. LPG is a clean gas and environment friendly. The vehicles that run on LPG lessen air pollution to a large degree. Bharat petroleum became the first indigenous oil organization to set up a LPG supply stations. These stations were called a Automobile LPG supply stations.  The Delhi government introduced a project to run the public transport on LPG to decrease the pollution level in the city. Since then, all the public transport vehicles like buses, taxis and auto rickshaws run on either CNG or LPG. With over 79 supply stations over the country, Bharat Petroleum is one of the biggest suppliers of auto LPG.

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