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If you want to avail the service of Bharat gas online booking and refilling you will have to visit the official website of Bharat Gas. This service is called e bharat gas booking. You have to follow some simple step to make a booking:

  • The first step is to go to webpage of the company.
  • The regular customers of the company have to register on the website. You can do this by making your account. The account will have a username and a password.
  • When you create this user id you will be able to know the information about the company. you can also intermingle online.
  • With your account, you can place the request for a new cylinder.
  • It is mandatory that you also mention the desired time and date for the delivery
  • It also offers the history of previous bookings. The company also mentions on its website that it is helpful to look to the previous orders as it only delivers after 21 days of the earlier delivery.
  • If you avail the facility of reminder service then you can get latest and updated information on all matters.

When you submit the online application, for new cylinder an automatic response gets generated in sometime. When the employee of Bharat Gas receives the request, you are asked to choose the nearest centre of your choice. Now you just have to submit the documents required to wind up the procedure. You will also get bharat gas online booking registration number.

If you want to refill the cylinder, you have to contact the nearby distributor. You also have the option to make online booking by visiting the website. But for booking online with your account, you must have some mandatory documents for verification and authorization.

Some important documents required in new connection are:

  • The copy of ration card or any other relevant document.
  • A Photocopy of the voter identity card or even a valid passport, which are required as identity proof
  •  Photocopy of the electricity invoice, telephone or mobile invoice or a attested copy of the resident with full address.
  • You can also give the address confirmation or the home ownership documents.

After you have completed the procedure of submitting the requires documents, the application for the new connection will be cross cheeked and if everything is correct, then a new gas connection will be allotted to you.

Some steps that you must follow the allocation of gas:

  • When the gas gets allotted to you, you need to get the subscription coupon and the domestic gas purchaser certificate.
  • The card is further helpful in getting a new connection or even used in the termination of the link.
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