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Now, all the consumers of Bharat Gas find the details regarding the pattern of important LPG usage, refill history of LPG,  request to finally surrender their LPG connections, availability of subsidized Gas etc. moreover, the web portal allows to get all the information just by submitting consumer number, distributer name or consumer name in given online field of webpage.

By the launching of online facility to track LPG subsidized Gas cylinder, the government has attempted to provide transparency in the distribution of LPG in the country. Moreover, by getting the news of misusing the LPG subsidized cylinder which are commonly assigned to general people in India , government has decided to track again all the gas agencies in the country. The online portal allows consumers to complain about the distributing system, they can also complain about the misbehavior of the agency people etc.

It is a known fact that official website of the organization provides proper transparency in the process of distributing subsidized LPG gas. Hence, it is basically famous as the transparency website among the common users.

Uses of transparent website

Remember, with the assistance of transparency website consumers may perform various important functions which are stated below.

Moreover, very soon the Indian government is going to upload a list of consumers who obtained multiple connections which is illegal. Remember, the government of India is going to banned all such connection which has been taken on the same name and postal address. Hence, if you have any kind of doubt regarding your LPG connection then you need to keep coming website to check the coming multiple LPG gas connections list.

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