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The organization of Bharat Petroleum is now constantly working on providing additional services to its customers. These services will be a major factor for the organization in the market. To increase the market share and create a niche for their products every company has to understand the customer needs and wants and then act accordingly. These kinds of beliefs have led the company to make strong efforts into the direction of customer service and satisfaction.

The ease of customer is of foremost importance to any organization.

  • Bharat gas serves more than 30 million domestic homes in India.
  • It has recently introduced the facility to book the LPG gas cylinders via SMS.
  • Another innovative and distinctive feature of Bharat gas is that it also provides its customers various home appliances and also the FMCG products and that too at great savings.
  • It also helps the industrial sector by providing them with the Gas used in metal cutting and other industrial operations.
  • The website of Bharat Gas is, which is also the official website of the organization.

The organization also plays an important role in the environment conservation and preservation. It engages itself into providing basic amenities to the poor and needy people. The workforce of Bharat gas also comes out strongly to help the people who are the victims of natural disasters. They also provided the help to the victims of heinous crimes like terrorism. They also engage themselves in organizing various camps like blood donation, free health and disease checkups, eye checkup cams in which they provide glasses and medicines free of cost to those who are poor and needy. The organization also maintains its strong outlook towards the problems of environment and global warming issues.

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