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Liquefied petroleum gas or LPG is the main cooking fuel used in domestic household cooking since a long time. A company named Burmah Shell that worked as a subsidiary of Burshane introduced this concept in the year 1955. Since then the LPG as used a fuel for domestic purpose for a long time. Then later the government made it a public sector company and named it Bharat Petroleum. The domestic gas form Bharat Petroleum comes with the name of Bharat gas and is the dominant player in the domestic Gas marketplace for more than 30 years.

The biggest challenge for the government was to reintroduce Burshane as Bharat gas since the name had become a synonym to LPG. With the change of time and the market, there were some strategic development’s to figure out the strength of the brand. A special unit named Strategic Business Unit was set up to create various policies and programs that were centered to meet the customers’ needs.

When the information technology revolution started the company started many innovative services for its customers. The services are now a called eharat gas and ebharat gas online. These services have taken the company to new height. Apart from these services the company realized that in order to increase the market share they will have to create different outlooks on rural and the urban customers. The company also realized that the urban market was easy to catch since the customers were perceptive. On the contrary the rural market had a different scenario altogether with customers being more stereotype and orthodox. In addition, to create an effective supply chain with proper logistics and inventory proved to be the biggest challenge for the company.

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